Sea Bass and Crunchy Salad

We love fish and try to have it at least a couple of times a week.  Here’s a recipe (inspired by Olive magazine – thanks!) with some interesting flavours in it, but trust us – it tastes amazing!  It’s super-quick and easy and takes hardly any cooking, perfect for mid-week.  This recipe uses preserved lemons which are used widely in middle eastern cooking, they can be found fairly easily now – check out your local deli or Asian supermarket or even posher supermarkets (Waitrose we’re looking at you!).  These keep for around 3 months in the fridge so we will be making some other recipes featuring them so none go to waste.

Start by preparing the salad: take a medium-sized bulb of fennel and finely slice – this won’t be cooked at all so take some time to make it as thin as possible – and throw it in a bowl with a diced preserved lemon (just the peel – remove the flesh).  Add the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of olive oil, and half a teaspoon of caster sugar.  Salad done!  Quick or what?  Don’t be put off by the strong flavours at this stage, it will mellow with the grilled fish and complement it perfectly.

These lovelies are what you're looking for.
These lovelies are what you’re looking for.

Now for the meat – we used 2 fillets of sea bass, but any white fish will do (the original recipe used mackerel).  Lay on a baking sheet covered with lightly oiled baking/grease-proof paper so that it doesn’t stick, skin-side up, brush with oil and season with a bit of sea salt.  Place under a hot grill for 5-10 minutes, depending on the thickness of your fillets (ours took about 5 minutes), until the skin is nice and crispy.

Raw fish isn't the most attractive thing to photograph... sorry!
Raw fish isn’t the most attractive thing to photograph… sorry!

We served the sea bass and the salad with some homemade wholemeal bread (try our recipe).  If you wanted to omit the bread this could be a lovely light lunch which just cries out for a cold glass of white wine, or it would be great for any nutters doing low carb.  We reckon this would be even more tasty prepared on a barbeque and served in a bun – if only the summer would come back so that we can try it!

Quick, simple and super healthy.
Quick, simple and super healthy.

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