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Hello, Bird here! The lovely Kate from leadwiththehips tagged me (my very first tag – I’m a bit giddy)  so I am going to answer her probing (ooh-err) questions for you. By the way do NOT check out her blog if you fancy hanging on to your cash, too many pretty things!

This is more of a post for the ladies I’m afraid so I am firmly in control for this one (Fats lost interest as soon as I told him lipstick was involved). I do apologise in advance for some of the shoddy answers, I’m not a glamorous style/hair/beauty blogger so my answers will probably be less than inspired. Don’t worry, we’ll be back with the recipes very soon!

1) What is your ideal cake?

Ooooft right in there with the hard hitting questions! This is so tough, it changes on a daily basis really but I think my ultimate twist-on-a-classic favourite would be a super sticky beautiful lemon drizzle cake (Mary Bezza style) but with some lavender infused into the lemon syrup.

2) What are your top 5 items of your wardrobe (clothes, shoes and accessories all included)?

1. My number one favourite thing is a necklace left to me by my grandmother. It is completely unique, it was taken from a sketch she did, and she wore it every day. It’s kinda ugly-cute but I love it and wear it all the time.

2. I have a bit of a thing for a good coat so numbers 2 and 3 will both be coats. Firstly is my  cream wool coat from Zara with a massive hood thing which you can pull down over your shoulders or up around your neck if you want to be really snuggly, or if you happen to be in Paris, it starts snowing and you don’t mind looking like a bit of a prat you can pull it over your head as a hood!

3. My other favourite coat is my faithful old trenchcoat from H&M. It was only a cheapy one and it’s been with me for four years now so has seen better days but I throw it on over everything, it fits beautifully around the waist and it will be a very, very sad day when I have to replace it.

4. Next up is shoes. I’m not really a shoes girl, due to dodgy joints I can’t wear heels so a lot of stunning footwear options are written off immediately. Anyway, I have the cutest pair of gold studded suede Chelsea boots which have been subject to very heavy use over the last year and definitely deserve a place in my top 5.

5. Last but not least is my gold scarf. My parents brought this back from India nearly 35 years ago and for some mad reason decided they trusted me with it. It is so thin, so soft and slightly moth eaten but it still gets good use in the spring and autumn and hasn’t fallen apart yet.

3) Think of the last thing you ate. If you had to eat this every day for the rest of your life, how would you feel?

I’m actually eating right now (I wrote this at lunchtime) and I have a chicken, quinoa, feta and pomegranate salad (with all the usual lettuce, tomato etc suspects). It’s really tasty and I would feel very virtuous if I had to eat this every day for the rest of my life but bloody bored.

4) What is your favourite smell?

Freshly cut grass, no competition! My dad is a gardener and so to save on childcare in the summer holidays he used to take me to work with him. So many happy hours were spent under a tree, lost in a book listening to the hum of the lawnmower and smelling that amazing smell.

5) What 3 people (famous or not, living or dead) would you most like to have at a dinner party?

I feel like I should put 3 impressive philosophers or something but honestly, the most fun I can imagine would be Fats, my mum and my grandma. Fats never got to meet my grandma which is such a shame because she was an amazing lady and I think she would have loved him. If I think of what I want out of a dinner party (hilarity and a total loss of manners) I think these three would come out on top!

6) And what would you serve at that dinner party?

Seeing as this would be a casual affair I’m going to skip the scallops with samphire foam and go for a full on Thai spread. My mum makes amazing Thai food and has passed a few of her skills on to me, it’s a real crowd pleaser and everyone can just share and get stuck in. Some of the dishes we would probably make would be grilled chicken marinated in white pepper and fish sauce, spicy minced beef with roasted rice powder served in lettuce leaves, pad thai, spicy (can you see a theme here?) pork with cauliflower, spicy (we like our spice!) beef with chilli and holy basil paste to name a few. Let me know if you want the recipes for these and we will obey!

7) Name your favourite lipstick and describe the colour.

I am not a beauty blogger so I apologise in advance for the utter naffness of the descriptions coming up… my favourite at the moment is a Max Factor one in Pink Brandy (awful name) – it is a perfect mid-toned coral colour, it wakes up my face but isn’t too shocking so it’s easy to slick on and goes with everything.

8) Summer or Winter? Why?

Summerrrrrrr! Sure, winter has Christmas and my Birthday so that’s when all the presents happen but you end up being shut up indoors staring at the rain, and it’s dark at about 3pm. Give me the light summer evenings and the marginally better weather any day!

9) What is your favourite make up ‘look’?

Pretty simple I guess? I change it about quite a bit but most days you’ll find me in tinted moisturiser, concealer, powder and then a very thin liquid liner, 1-2 coats of mascara for fluttery eyelashes and a coral cheek and lip. In winter I tend to go a bit darker – plum colours etc.

10) Describe your style to me in 5 words.

Almost always covered in flour.

11) Which Olympic sport would you be most likely to win a medal in?

Pahahaha. I am NOT an athlete in any way, shape or form but if I really had to then maybe trampolining? I used to be not awful at it.

Ok, so I now have to tag some people back. Bringing this back round to the food side of things we have some foodie questions and some rather brilliant food bloggers to ask!

So the people I am asking are:

Shaz from HouseofHerby

Jo from YumDimSum

Lisa from Burgers in my Belly

Sam from Colourful and Culinary

and last but not least, the three lovely ladies at Saucy Pans

The questions are:

1. Top celebrity chef inspiration and why?

2. Best fancy dining experience ever?

3. Using 3 of these ingredients as inspiration – what dish would you make? Sea bass fillet, lamb chops, field mushrooms, lemon, watercress, aubergine, quinoa, chilli, thyme and curry powder.

4. If you were cooking a blowout romantic meal for that special someone, what would you cook?

5. Best budget dining experience?

6. Favourite hot drink and favourite cold drink?

7. Best food-associated memory… whether that’s a great meal out with someone, cooking your first cake with your mum, anything!

8. Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry?

9. Worst meal anyone has ever cooked for you?

10. Ideal weekend breakfast/brunch?

11. If you could visit any country in the world based solely on their cuisine, where would you go?

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