Tart Tuesday: Egg Custard Tarts

Hmm….. bit of an epic fail this one really! Some combination of warm filling, raw and very thin pastry and loose bottomed tart tins resulted in all of our carefully crafted custard being spread over the baking tray (thank GOODNESS we put them on a baking tray!) within approximately 3 seconds of the tarts going in the oven. We didn’t even manage to close the oven door before they sprung a leak – probably a very good thing in hindsight! Wish we’d taken a photo, it was so comically tragic but we were too busy having a strop (Bird) and rescuing what was left of the precious custard (Fats).

However our evening was not lost, in what can only be described as fate (not a word we use lightly) Tesco had our favourite biscuit/cookie type affair (these bad boys) on offer for £1 and there was only 1 packet left. See? Fate.

When Bird returned triumphantly clutching the cookies Fats had rescued and cooked a good amount of the custard which was cooling in the fridge. So, during The Great British Bake Off although we missed our tarts, an Extremely Chocolatey Cookie dunked in cold custard wasn’t the worst thing in the world…..

You may turn your nose up but try it.... it's like milk and cookies amplified!
You may turn your nose up but try it…. it’s like milk and cookies amplified!

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