Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

We didn’t write this post too early as we didn’t want to make things too easy for our families, but here is a round-up of gifts which we think would make a fellow foodie very happy! Some of the items we’ve linked to are out of stock now on the websites but there’s still plenty of time to nip to the shops to pick up a last-minute present. This post is intended to inspire, and we hope it helps bring some joy to a foodie you love. They range from stocking fillers to big gifts and hopefully there’s a little something in here for everyone.

Gift Collage

Under £10:

Spices – these are the perfect stocking filler, you can pick a couple up for about a fiver and they will make perfect little presents for a foodie to unwrap. We got some saffron last year which we’ve been having fun playing with – you can go for your favourite ingredient (like our current chipotle chilli obsession) or buy something that they wouldn’t treat themselves to! Rose petals would make an ideal gift for a keen baker or anyone who loves Middle Eastern/North African flavours, Chipotle chillis would be perfect for all of the heat lovers out there (Waitrose has a fantastic range of dried chilli varieties if you’re after something hard to come by!) and saffron always feels special. This brand of harissa is gorgeous, the rose really comes through but isn’t overpowering and it has a brilliantly balanced heat.

Cute apron – go for a classic navy and white (and look like our very own Fats!), a shabby chic style for a girly girl or an Edward Monkton for all round brilliance.

Nice bottle of wine – you can’t really go wrong with this, as long as you know they like wine! We can’t think of any wine drinker who wouldn’t like to receive a nice bottle. You don’t have to spend a fortune, there are plenty of lovely wines out there for under a tenner.


Cute measuring cup set – any other Brits out there get thoroughly baffled by American recipes in cups? Be baffled no longer with a set of measuring cups, these ones are particularly cute or check out Anthropologie if you want to spend a bit more.

Cookbook – we are going to be putting together a little post on our favourite cookbooks that we own so we won’t blather on too much but they make a great gift that will be treasured for years (you know it’s a good’un when you turn the pages and they’re splattered with sauce and cake batter!). We don’t own either of these and have our beady little eyes on them.

Coffee/tea set/accessories – how about putting together your own hamper, we especially love Twinings, Pukka, Clipper and Illy, all of which can be picked up in supermarkets/local deli’s.

Cheeseboard with knives – know a cheese fiend? (Everyone should!). A beautiful cheeseboard with a set of knives would make a great gift. Go classic with a wooden set or grab a slate for the more modern of your loved ones! We’ve seen these sets in loads of supermarkets, hopefully there are still a few up for grabs.

Fancy olive oil/vinegar/dips – these make a great gift for any foodie, especially one with a love of Mediterranean food. Fats’ brother got us a lovely set of sauces/dips last year which we’re still using now! These ones are sadly sold out but hopefully it will spark some ideas.

Baking stone – we’re pretty desperate for one of these, having got into our bread baking in a fairly big way. This Jamie Oliver one would be a great gift but if you’ve got a bit more cash to splash check out this beauty from Anthropologie.

Over £30:

Coffee/tea club subscription – we know that Whittard do one but check out your local coffee/tea specialists as there are lots of small companies that are starting to provide this service and what could be nicer than a package of joy-in-a-mug being dropped through your door every month?

Bottle of whisky/fave drink – a bit of a predictable one but very appreciated nonetheless! Or if the person you’re buying for has a favourite drink maybe give them an expensive brand to try? Or how about a fancy liqueur for the budding cocktail artist that they would never normally treat themselves to? Bird has her eye on some sloe gin this year, although it probably wouldn’t compete with the stuff her grandparents used to make!

 Cookery course – this could be a brilliant present, and there is course out there to suit any type of foodie! Artisan bread making, wild food foraging, butchery, cocktail making, tea blending… the choice is endless!

Restaurant vouchers – Bird’s parents got us vouchers for The Olive Shed last Christmas and we finally got round to going in November. It was brilliant! There is something so indulgent about going out for a fab meal without having to worry about picking up the bill at the end! Choose your favourite restaurant for someone to try or just have a search for restaurants in their area that you think they would love.

Le Creuset – pretty much anything by Le Creuset will make you the best gift-giver this Christmas. You could go small – Bird is in love with their espresso mugs, go for some of the beautiful ombre colours in Rose and Coastal Blue for a girly vibe or stick to strong, traditional colour such as Volcanic, Satin Black and Teal for a cooler, more modern feel. For those wanting to splash out then you can’t go wrong with a classic casserole dish, a brilliantly heavy griddle pan or some roasting dishes. Just in case anyone is thinking of treating us with Le Creuset ever, all of our current gear is in Volcanic so we’d love it in that colour *nudge nudge*.

Gorgeous knives – we have completely fallen in love with these knives, the bands of copper are not only beautiful but you know this would cut like a dream. For those on more of a budget we have some James Martin knives which have served us extremely well. And for sharpening you can’t do better than a whetstone or an oilstone, we have one which was found in Bird’s garden shed (really!) but they’re available online from loads of places and nothing will sharpen your knives better.

Hamper of luxury ingredients – there are so many of these about but this one tops our lust list this year!

Hopefully that’s given you a few ideas for any last minute panics and if we’re too late for you then we’re sorry, hopefully we can get our act together better next year!

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