Making Sundays Special

Sunday… that day where you wake up, watch some tv with your cuppa, glance outside to see that it’s a bit grey, make another cuppa and then somehow it’s 7pm and you don’t know what you’ve spent the day doing. No longer. We have been determined lately to make our Sundays count and it seems Bristol agrees with us! Our little routine is that while Bird goes to ballet, Fats goes for a bike ride, we reconvene at the homestead at around 12 where some tasty treats are usually waiting (having been hunted down in the local market by a hungry Bird) and then find something to do for the afternoon.

An Instagram! Abbot's Pool in Bristol.  Good for fishing, apparently.
An Instagram! Abbot’s Pool in Bristol. Good for fishing, apparently.

Today was Bristol’s second ever Make Sundays Special day so it was kind of a no-brainer! This is a new scheme where one Sunday a month some of the main roads in the city centre are pedestrianised and filled with all manner of weird and wonderful things – games for children, sofas to chill out on, street performers, bands, street food – there is never a dull moment! We missed the first one so decided we absolutely had to make it to this one and it didn’t disappoint.

We started off by doing a quick circuit of Baldwin St and Corn St to scope out the prime food choice and settled on paella which was beautiful – perfectly cooked saffron coloured rice with chicken, chorizo and mixed seafood. We then took a wander through St Nicholas’ Market which is an indoor market in the heart of Bristol, open every day it sells incredible food as well as records, fabric, clothing, books and a myriad of other items, it’s well worth checking out if you’re ever visiting!


After watching some street performers we nipped into town to pick up a few books, 3 new fiction books (one for Fats, one for Bird and one to share) as well as a really exciting new cook book “Around The World In 120 Recipes” by Allegra McEvedy. We spent the afternoon flicking through this on our sofa and it looks incredible, plenty of simple recipes, fantastic flavours and a chance to introduce ourselves to some exciting new cuisines – we can’t wait to share our attempts with you.

New book!  Absolutely can't wait to try some of these recipes out, they look stunning.
New book! Absolutely can’t wait to try some of these recipes out, they look stunning.

Then, both pretty exhausted after our morning exercise and a wander into and around town, we picked up a couple of treats to sustain us for the walk home – Fats went for an iced hazelnut coffee and Bird chose a strawberry and balsamic sorbet which was delicious. Fats spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden, full post to come (first gardening post!) but here’s a sneak peak.


We plan to make every Sunday special, fun- and food-filled, and we’re so glad that Bristol is doing so along with us – no doubt where we’re going to be on the 29th September!

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