The Perfect Gin and Tonic

Now we’re not too fussy with our G&T’s – gin = good, tonic = good, so it’s hard to go far wrong but this in our minds is the perfect G&T.  The mint and cucumber help it become extra refreshing and something a little bit fancier.

First grab about 3 leaves of mint and around 6-8 pieces of sliced cucumber, put them into the bottom of a tumbler and muddle using a muddler, a spoon, or (as we used) the pestle from a pestle and mortar. Give them a good bash around to release all the lovely flavours. Next put your ice in, we like to use plenty!


Then pile on a whole load more of the mint and cucumber before squeezing a quarter of a lime over and dropping it in. Then comes the gin – this one is Bombay Sapphire and is a favourite of ours along with Hendricks, but Tanqueray is fantastic too, or if you prefer a slightly less aromatic, crisper gin then Gordon’s is a classic. Pour however much you like in, this was about 35ml (a European measure). Top up with tonic water (Schweppes or Fever Tree are the best, own brand ones are often far too sweet with not enough bite) and place a slice of cucumber on the rim of the glass. Although this is largely for show and to feel fancy, it does add a little something to the drink as you get the aroma of it each time you take a sip.


So… How do you like yours?


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